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July 19 - 23, 2021

Xsolla will be center stage for the keynote presentation, along with four additional sessions covering topics ranging from the rise of indie game funding, mobile game commerce, retaining game talent, and pivotal moments in game publishing history.


July 20th, 2021

8:30 AM PT

Equity and Transparency: A Next-Level Compensation Model

Kirill Tokarev, CEO and Editor-in-Chief,

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The global gaming industry thrived in 2020, but not without issues. Finding and building talent to help concept, create, design, and produce video games worldwide was and still is a challenge -- especially as people moved and working remotely impacted a more significant percentage of the workforce. Kirill Tokarev, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of, will explore a new form of compensation that will help not only attract top talent, but retain those you already have.

10:50 AM PT 

Overcoming challenges in Mobile Game Development and Distribution

Anton Zelenin, Head of Game Commerce, Xsolla

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Making a great game doesn’t always guarantee success. Xsolla’s Head of Game Commerce, Anton Zelenin, discusses how to get over the many hurdles developers face in mobile game development and looks at some of the solutions that can help get your game discovered and into players’ hands, increase profitability and take back some control over the user experience.  

11:50 AM PT

DEVNOTE | State of the Industry: The Secrets to Success

Chris Hewish, President, Xsolla

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The business of video games continues to evolve, but one thing remains the same - these experiences bring connection and joy to lives around the globe. Join Xsolla's president, Chris Hewish, as he explores the successes and challenges of the industry through an ever changing landscape and discover new solutions that will help maintain the industry’s exponential growth -- now and into the future.

2:00 PM PT

New Prospects for a Classic Ethos: The Rise of Indie Games and Funding

Justin Berenbaum, VP Strategic Planning, Xsolla, & GM, Xsolla Funding Club

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The video game industry was pioneered by independent developers and entrepreneurs, and this same spirit continues to drive innovation and delight players around the world. With the industry’s continued unprecedented growth, however, comes unprecedented competition and shifting perceptions about what “indie” can mean as developers search for the funding to complete, release, and market their games. Xsolla’s Justin Berenbaum talks about how to bridge the gap between indie developers and independent investors, to help more great games than ever find funding.

3:30 PM PT

Connect: The Past, Present, and Future of Game Publishing

Ed Lin, Vice President of Marketing & Lawrence Mien, Director of Partner Experience, Xsolla

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Xsolla’s Ed Lin and Lawrence Mien will take you on a journey through the past, present and future of game publishing to reminisce about some of the pivotal moments that changed the industry. Dive into the democratized future of building, promoting, and publishing your game. Move beyond the end goal of easier ‘access” and learn about key solutions that can help connect you to that future, and why you need to be there. 


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